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‘Samurai Jack’ reboot finally gets a premiere date on Adult Swim

This time, for real.


Audrey Browning

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After more than a year of waiting for a Samurai Jack reboot, fans now have a premiere date to look forward to.

Adult Swim announced back in 2015 that Samurai Jack would get a reboot on Toonami last year, but the network didn’t deliver—until now. Samurai Jack will return March 11 according to a small clip Adult Swim dropped between shows in the most characteristic way possible. A Twitter user going by the handle CabooseJr captured the spot and posted it.

According to an earlier Facebook post by Chris Reccardi, a storyboard artist from the original cartoon, this upcoming season will feature “a ‘darker, more theatrical’ tone” and is set 50 years later than previous episodes. It’s unclear if Reccardi is attached to the new series.

The original series aired from 2001 to 2004, following a warrior from ancient Japan who was teleported to the distant future by an evil demon wizard named Aku. In this future time, Aku has become powerful enough to take over the world with his evil ways. The warrior, known as Jack, fights day-to-day evils with the hope of one day returning to ancient Japan to stop Aku before his reign begins.

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