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‘Sailor Moon’ cosplayer’s boyfriend proposes to her during photo shoot

In the name of the moon, I do!


Aja Romano

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Sarah has been in love with the world of Sailor Moon since she was a little girl, so the site of her boyfriend’s wedding proposal was as easy to predict as it was adorable.

Sarah, 26, who loves Serenity, princess of the Moon Kingdom, regularly cosplays as the beautiful princess, fulfilling her lifelong dream. Last week, her boyfriend used the occasion of a cosplay photoshoot to pop the big question to her while dressed as Serenity’s soulmate, Endymion.

“May or may not have gotten engaged while dressed like a princess,” Sarah wrote on Facebook after the surprise moment. “Check that off the 10-year-old me’s dream list.”

Sarah had painstakingly designed her detailed Serenity cosplay over a period of about four months. She’d already worn it to various cosplay events, including Anime North, where she won a cosplay award for Best of Show in November. On Imgur, she described the process and shared the gorgeous results.

I’ve wanted to be Serenity since I was like… 10. As soon as I saw her dress, I knew I had to have it. Fast forward about 15 years, and a lot of intimidation keeping be from tackling the project, and here we are! This dress was made over the course of about 4 months or so, and was a labor of love. It’s made of over 12 yards of white bridal satin and sheer voile. The bodice is lined and has spiral steel boning. It has over 1,500 hand-sewn glass seed beads, pearls, and crystal accents. The sleeves are made with hand folded satin with a voile and crystal center that matches the center of the rings on the dress, and flowers in the wig. The bow is made of of a pink organza, and has a layer of clean vinyl to help keep its shape. It snaps to the back over the invisible zipper. The wig was the first one I’ve ever styled, which was a pretty daunting accomplishment. Stubbing the ponytails definitely took a leap of faith. I finished off the dress with pearl and gold spiral earrings, pearl bracelets, my crescent mark, and my own Silver Crystal.

Clearly, Sarah had the perfect gown in which to get engaged—though, of course, she didn’t now it at the time.

Sarah’s boyfriend didn’t initially see the appeal in cosplaying, but eventually she persuaded him to join her. In August, she wrote on Reddit‘s r/sailormoon board, “I’ve finally persuaded my boyfriend to cosplay Endymion, so hopefully we can make that work, and get some cute, happy pictures together.”

Her boyfriend had a much bigger plan in mind.

Given that Sarah’s costume had taken several months to perfect, she was puzzled as to why her boyfriend was in a hurry to complete his own version—that of Serenity’s longtime live, Prince Endymion of the Earth Kingdom.

When she shared the happy news at r/sailormoon, she explained, “We made Endymion together over the course of a couple days. It makes sense now why he was so set on finishing it!”

Sarah and her boyfriend had agreed to do the photoshoot to help out with a photographer friend’s lighting techniques—or so she thought. In the middle of the photoshoot, her boyfriend went down on one knee, and the photographer, who was just as surprised as she was, captured the once-in-a-lifetime moment on camera:

On Sarah’s Facebook page, where she chronicles her recent passion for cosplay, she wrote that there was “something fun about creating a costume and bringing a character to life!”

Now, she can thank her dedication to fabulous cosplay for giving her a story to tell about her real-life romance for years to come.

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