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Check out this airtight Rubik’s Cube cheat sheet

Faking a talent is easier than ever.


Michelle Jaworski

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It’s never been easier to fake being good at solving a Rubik’s Cube.

When we used to tackle that cube decked with square stickers, one of a few things happened. Some people had natural talent, some had the patience to learn the proper algorithms through trial and error, and others peeled off the stickers to rearrange them—or found the one block with the screw holding the entire thing together and put it together that way. There was either victory or failure.

Now that a Rubik’s Cube can get someone out of a speeding ticket, it might be time to pick up that block again. But instead of taking the time to learn to do it on your own, Rubik Solve will do it for you.

The site claims it can “solve your Rubik’s Cube in less than 25 moves,” and once you’ve got your mixed cube you can fill in all of the spaces accordingly. In the event you mess up, the site will let you know if you’ve got an incorrect setup (e.g. too many of one color) filled out. If you don’t have a cube, you can still see how it runs by selecting “Example Cube.”

After you’ve got everything set, just hit “Solve Cube” to start your way toward a trick sure to make you popular at parties.

Rubik Solve

From here on out, it’s just memorizing the moves so you can show them off without a computer screen. Although, truth be told, a card trick might be easier.

Photo via William Warby/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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