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This overprotective Rottweiler loves his cat friend way too much

Dude, stop with the licking already!


Cooper Fleishman

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Saturday-morning cartoons taught us that dogs and cats are born to taunt and provoke each other, forever at odds. One Rottweiler, representing a strong and fiercely protective breed, intends on breaking that spell. 

He’s got his cat friend in an affectionate headlock, and like lovers on a raft fleeing a shipwreck, he will never let go. Even when the cat is clearly like, Dude, enough!

“Let me outta here.”

“Let me outta here.”


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These two are in good company, judging from the thriving YouTube sub-sub-subgenre of Rottweiler-cat bromances. But none can match the affection of this particular pair.

H/T Reddit | Screengrab via YouTube

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