Grilled cheese fund for Ross Ulbricht’s defense is a gouda effort

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Toss some cheddar in the Ross Ulbricht defense fund by eating a sandwich.

At least one person is stepping up to help fund alleged Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht’s costly legal defense. He’s doing it the only way he knows how: by selling grilled cheese sandwiches.

A vendor known simply as Colorado, who also happens to sell LSD and medical-grade pot in his spare time, is now selling grilled cheeses for $9.99 (0.01741 bitcoins at the time of print).

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous—at let’s be honest, you are—you can add cannabis butter or turkey to your sandwich for a little extra cash.

“I am not fucking kidding,” he wrote on Reddit. “I will make you a god damn sandwich, vacuum it up, and send it to you. Shit, I can probably make these with weed butter if requested.”

Colorado says someone has already placed an order for the first sandwich.

In the six months since Ulbricht has been arrested, there has been virtually no effort to help fund his legal defense on the part of the Deep Web black market world he was allegedly so instrumental in creating. The grilled cheese fund, as I’ve started calling it, might well be the start of something bigger.

From here, it just looks delicious. I’ll take three.

Photo via Agora

Patrick Howell O'Neill

Patrick Howell O'Neill

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