Roomba pong is the latest ingenious spin on frat drinking

beer pong roomba

Photo via michaelnugent/Flickr

The game for true legends.

There are plenty of spins on traditional beer pong that bring something new to the age-old frat basement drinking game. Longer tables, floating beer pong tables for the pool, and blindfolds have all been ways to turn up the challenge. But they have nothing on Roomba pong.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Each rack of red Solos sits on top of one of the semi-sentient vacuum robots. You’ll have to try to sink the ball into a cup of Natty Light while it’s moving on top of the roaming device.

Megan Noll posted a video of the innovative idea. 

Roomba pong might not be the roaming appliance’s intended use, but you can always have them clean up the mess from the match afterward.

Move over, DJ Roomba. You have some competition for best party bot. 

H/T Thrillist

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