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Nothing survives this guy’s kitchen.

Have you ever wanted to prepare a meal and physically assault your ingredients at the same time? Thankfully, there are several YouTube videos that will walk you through every step of this process!

Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time  is responsible for cooking videos for dishes ranging from (satanic) salad to (painful) patriotic pancakes—and the spastic, violent preparation methods that go into them. After a year-long hiatus, its lead chef is back with their latest video that details how to make “lethal lasagne.”

Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time lasagne preparation includes steps that other celebrity chefs tend to omit, such as mincing your onions with an axe and just generally committing acts of significant violence against foodstuffs.

Not even Morimoto can match that intensity.

If you have the necessary culinary tools in your house—such as salt, pepper, and uncontrollable rage—perhaps you can try your hand at duplicating some of the masterpieces and create your own ordinary meal.

Of course, if you prefer your Swedish chefs to be a little more subdued—yet somehow just as clinically insane—you can always turn to this guy.

Screengrab via Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time/YouTube

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