Forgiving student loans in Wednesday’s Reddit Digest


Today on Reddit, learn about the natural kingdom’s most amazing eyes and why the federal govermnent should forgive student debt.

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  • Do the majority of redditors belong to the lowest income bracket? That’s what Wikipedia says. Wikipedia is probably wrong. (/r/TheoryOfReddit)

  • Is a 100-hour videogame ever worth 100 hours of Tolstoy? (/r/ludology)

  • You may have heard how BBH Labs paid homeless people in Austin to walk around as “mobile hotspots” for South by Southwest this year. At r/TrueReddit, the New York Times article about that controversial decision has spawned an interesting, 150-comment discussion. (/r/TrueReddit)

  • “Human vision only focuses on a small area in the field clearly and the rest is blurry. Are there any animals that can focus on everything at once? ” AskAScientist asks in r/askscience. (That was the most repetitive clause I’ve ever written.) The answer? The cuttlefish, maybe, and the mantis shrimp, too. But beyond that, no. “[N]eural processing power is metabolically expensive, and having only as much acuity as you need has been strongly selected for across the animal kingdom.” (/r/askscience)

  • At r/politics, redditors are rallying around the “Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012.” The bill, introduced by U.S. Rep. Hansen Clarke of Detroit, would forgive outstanding debt for anyone who pays 10 percent of their discretionary income for 10 years. Redditors have started an online petition, but some say the law misses the point. Writes one: “eliminate the government backing of student loans and let the universities deleverage down to a reasonable cost. Government backing has increased the cost of tuition from 20% of average income to 150%.” (/r/politics)

  • This redditor managed to capture a slice of a rainbow as it hit a pine cone. (/r/pics)

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Photo by Diganta Talukdar

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