Questions I have about these people making out with a lizard

So, about this video:

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Who is the target demographic?

Could there be a “climax” to the action here? What happens then?

How much were these women compensated?

Did the woman on the right luck out, or did she get the worst spot?

Is the lizard a good kisser? He/she/they seem better than I’d expect! 

Texturally, what does the lizard’s tongue feel like? 

According to, lizards eat caterpillars, snails, spiders, flies, and crickets. Ew! (Ew?)

Does the lizard’s tongue taste like bugs? 

What do bugs even taste like? 

Is there a possibility that the lizard is enjoying him/herself? 

What do you think is going through the lizard’s head right now?

Are lizards capable of complex thought? Will we ever know?

Is this abuse? Lizard, do you need help? 

Am I asking too many questions about the lizard? Not enough?

… What now?

Photo via Redcup2/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Eve Peyser

Eve Peyser

Eve Peyser is a writer and comedian based in New York. She has published bylines in Esquire, the Washington Post, Gizmodo, and GQ, and she works as a staff politics and culture writer at Vice.