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‘Yeah dog! We have reasonable flow’: Millions of people are watching this TikToker check public faucets

‘I’ve implemented ‘Yeah dog’ into my everyday vocabulary.’


Charlotte Colombo

Internet Culture

A TikToker has been diligently checking whether public faucets are working for weeks. And now he’s a national treasure.

Travis Stock, who is better known as Spooky Sivart (@sivartstock) on the app, first went viral back in early August after one of his public faucet finds made its way to everyone’s FYP. Simply subtitled ‘New faucet,’ the video has amassed a huge 26.7 million views at the time of writing. Like all of his public faucet TikToks, the clip begins with him announcing to viewers that he found a new one before giving us the moment of truth as he turns the faucet to see if it does, indeed, produce running water.

Cue his delight when it does, as he jumps alongside the water flow, singing, “Yeah, dog! This one works. Yeah, dog! I love finding working public faucets.”

From then on, “Yeah dog” has essentially become Stock’s catchphrase, and every video pretty much follows the same routine: he’ll find a public faucet, check if it works, and then finishes with a bespoke “Yeah dog” song, depending on the results.

“I have always enjoyed dry humor,” Stock told Daily Dot via email. “No pun intended. I am also a very curious person who has ADHD. One day, I noticed a public faucet, and my my mind was like, ‘Does that public faucet actually work?’ so I created a video answering my own question. Then it seemed like my following really enjoyed that as well and were also curious about it, and the rest is history.”

But despite the simple formula these videos follow, there have been plenty of surprises in Travis’ pursuit to test every single public faucet. Sometimes, he’ll have to bring out his own personal faucet key to turn the faucet on. Other times, the water flow will range from “gushing” to “reasonable flow,” and rarely, no flow at all.

But no matter what happens, Stock always finds a way to “Yeah dog” his way through it, and his ruthless enthusiasm has made him popular with viewers.

Several top comments compare Stock’s zany videos to the Interdimensional Cable episodes of Rick and Morty, while others professed their love for the wholesome, albeit a little strange, videos. “I love how happy he is,” one commenter wrote. “I’ve implemented ‘Yeah dog’ into my vocabulary,” another admitted. “Bro the peak of this generation,” a third added.

A testament to Stock’s impact, he now has 1.1 million followers watching his faucet-related adventures, while his TikToks have a cumulative 37.2 million likes. The content creator has even opened a Cameo for anyone looking to get a customized “Yeah dog” for a special occasion.

“Well, to be honest, I had no idea what TikTok was,” Stock added. “A friend reached out to me who knew my passion for making videos, and told me I would be perfect for this app. Turns out, I was. How I feel about the reception to it? I love it. I am so happy that I have been able to reach so many people. It makes me so happy to know that I have made so many people laugh and smile with my short videos.”

“I’ve always kind of wanted to be known for making videos, and for my humour. But I did not expect it to happen this way. I would not change a thing. The people that I have met through my TikToks are so kind. I’ve never been asked for a photo so many times in my life!”

“It’s definitely been life-changing in the best way possible.”

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