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‘You don’t want people who don’t know you to start to know you’: Private investigator shares safety tips on what not to do

'You’re quite literally leaving a footprint, a pattern on the internet, for people to find you and your kids.'


Lauren Castro

Internet Culture

Posted on Dec 24, 2022

Private Investigator Jade Savage (@jadeesavv) shares tips on privacy, developments in big cases, and the occasional makeup tutorial on TikTok, with her most recent posts garnering attention as users discuss her go-to privacy tactics and how social media affects safety.

“Pls stop doing these things and be safe!” the caption on the first video of her safety tip series reads.

Savage’s first tip is to “stop leaving your blinds open,” as she says she has looked through windows to gather information about a subject during an investigation. 

“When I go out on surveillance, I can see everything inside your house. I zoom in on my little camera, and I can see what you’re watching on TV…It’s like a gold mine,” she says. 

She also tells viewers to stop “tagging” their location on social media while they’re still there. Savage explains a situation in which she couldn’t figure out why the subject wasn’t at their house but later saw that they posted their location at the cafe across the street— and that’s where she found them. 

“Stop leaving a footprint of where people can find you,” she says. 

Similarly, Savage says not to tag locations that you frequent, such as the gym, a coffee shop, or even your workplace, as this can provide information about your habits or patterns.

“You don’t want people who don’t know you to start to know you,” she warns. 

Her last two suggestions are to always be aware of your surroundings in parking lots and if you feel like someone is following you, drive to the police station.

@jadeesavv Pla stop doing theae things and be safe! #privateinvestigator #privateinvestigation #safetytips ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) [2018 Remaster] – Kate Bush

Users share their thoughts in the comments section.

“[Not gonna lie] I expected all PI’s to be grown men in fedoras,” one user comments. Savage responds, “My favorite thing is ppl not expecting me to be a PI, it’s kind of a superpower in the industry.”

“I have adhd. They aint ever gonna learn my habits because I have none,” another user says.

“I legit cannot stand being in a house at night with open blinds. Idk how so many people do it,” a third shares.

@jadeesavv Replying to @chontaex Part 2! Please be safe! #privateinvestigator #privateinvestigation #safetytips ♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

In a part two video, Savage provides more safety tips like locking your windows and garage doors.

Her next piece of advice is to not share when you’re going on vacation because it’s like telling the internet your house will be vulnerable to a potential robbery.  

“Don’t tell the internet that your house is going to be unsupervised for 7 whole days while you’re on vacation,” she says. “It’s very much giving Home Alone.”

To close out the video, Savage says to never share your place of work and, if you’re a mother, don’t share where your kids go to school.

“You’re quite literally leaving a footprint, a pattern on the internet for people to find you and your kids,” she says. 

In the comments section, users thank Savage for the tips and agree with her advice.

“Family vloggers literally spill every little detail about their kids. No regard for their safety at all,” one user says.

“Totally agree, leaving a digital footprint is really dangerous, thank you for the tips,” another comments.

The Daily Dot reached out to Savage via email.

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*First Published: Dec 24, 2022, 8:45 am CST