Make dinner a little more disgusting with this cow-shaped gravy boat

cow gravy boat

Photo via romanboed/Flickr

Some A+ sound effects too.

Gravy usually makes a meaty meal instantly better. And while the saucy lubricant is welcomed by most, this cow-shaped gravy boat might make some people at the dinner table a little uncomfortable.

Instead of your typical whimsical boats that you see whenever there’s mashed potatoes around, this cow-looking container might make holding the gravy a little more groovier, but actual serving the condiment is a teensy bit icky. The cow mouth spewing out a chunky green-brown liquid isn’t too appetizing—especially with the sound effects added in. Check it out:

Sure, now your plate is smothered with some extra fatty goodness. But you had to watch it come out of this hoofed beast’s cranium. Some people, like the videographer, find this heaving entertaining. Most will probably call these dinner table antics unnecessary.

It’s likely that this kitchenware isn’t typically meant for gravy, but instead some creamer or milk for your coffee. While we applaud this multi-function use of the heifer, we’d rather it be reserved for dairy products—just sits with our stomachs a little better. The cow’s four stomachs would probably prefer it as well. 

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