police officer arrests drunk man

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Cop halts interview to arrest drunk heckler live on camera

Never curse out a cop, especially in front of a police station.


David Covucci

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It’s never wise to swear at a police officer, especially when your logic for doing so seems to be nothing more than “he’s a cop and he was near me.”

They are no different than most people. They don’t like strangers swearing at them. But unlike most people, they have the ability to arrest you for your actions—which is exactly what happened in Australia yesterday.

A police officer in Albury, New South Wales, was giving an interview, when, from out of nowhere, a dude drinking a beer hollered “BULLSHIT!” at him.


As you can see, the cop halts the interview. Our Aussie friend pours out his beer, which appears to be a pretty common response officers have to public consumption in the area.

Not content, however, or perhaps upset with whatever the man said to him when he approached him, the officer grabs him by the arm and marches him right into the station. They were, after all, right next to it.

That’s probably something you should take into consideration when you heckle a cop.

Facebook commenters, though, were torn about whether the man should have been treated so gruffly.

“Well done to the cop 👮 those guys should be behind bars 👍,” said one. “Another kingpin arrested,” mocked another.

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