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Pokémon Duel is now on iOS and Android

A brand new Pokémon game comes to your smartphone.


AJ Moser

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After the success of Pokémon Go, another Pokémon game has been released for iOS and Android devices internationally today. Pokémon Duel, developed by the Pokémon company and HEROZ, was originally released last year as Pokémon Comaster in Japan.

Duel plays like a digital board game, as players guide individual characters to move around and battle other Pokémon. The team of six monsters you send into battle will need to simultaneously protect your side of the board and attack the opponent. Get a brief introduction to the game with the video below.

While the app is free to download, it supports in-app purchases that provide new Pokémon and various items. Players can duel online or playthrough matches against the computer.

Pokémon Duel isn’t likely to have the explosive success of Pokémon Go thanks to its absent marketing and surprise release, but new players may come online in the next few days.

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