PinkyDoll speaking into microphone in front of orange background at Streamy Awards

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After the Streamy Awards, the internet is confused about Pinkydoll’s complexion

Pinkydoll's appearance at the Streamy Awards was questioned.


Sayou Cooper

Internet Culture

Posted on Aug 29, 2023

The YouTube Streamy Awards took place last Sunday night in Los Angeles. The annual event celebrates the weird and cool creators of the internet and is the first award show devoted to digital artists. The show had numerous big names such as Kai Cenat, and trending moments like the H3 Podcast losing the Best Podcast award. The star of the night though was TikTok darling Pinkydoll.

The “Ice Cream So Good” NPC sensation co-presented the Streamer of the Year award, which Kai Cenat won. Along with gracing the stage, Pinkydoll performed her viral catchphrases for the audience and viewers. She playfully broke in and out of character and had the likes of personality Tana Mongeau amused.

After stealing the show, social media had a lot of thoughts about Pinkydoll’s appearance. Styled in a blue bodysuit, onlookers noticed her darker complexion the most. Many pointed out the influencer’s lighter complexion in live streams, assisted by TikTok filters.

“TikTok kinda shadow bans darker skin so I guess I get it,” @NchshO chimed in. Due to skin-tone discrimination, some called out the problematic connotations around Pinkydoll’s intentional skin lightening.

The topic of colorism can be very polarizing to discuss. Others celebrated Pinkydoll’s manipulation of a discriminative system against Black women.

Unfazed by the commentary, Pinkydoll went live with influencer James Charles the next day for some NPC ASMR.

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*First Published: Aug 29, 2023, 2:27 pm CDT