High-rise pranksters leave their mark on Hong Kong’s skyline


The sky is the limit.

Urban exploring collective On The Roofs has paid a visit to the skyscrapers of Hong Kong—and they’ve left behind a memento for the city to remember them by that’s difficult to ignore.

Stunning footage captured by the Russian group show them sneaking to the top of a high-rise building, indulging in a little aerial videography via drone, snapping a few shots—but it’s all just a precursor to the main event.

On The Roofs previously saw success when they scaled the Shanghai Tower in China—the second-tallest building in the world. The video has since been watched more than 35 million times in under a year.

H/T Reddit | Screengrab via on the roofs / YouTube

Rob Price

Rob Price

Rob Price is a technology and politics reporter who served as the U.K.-based morning editor for the Daily Dot until 2014. He now works as the news editor for Business Insider, and his work has appeared in Vice, Slate, the Washington Post, and the Independent.