Students cyberbully @NYCSchools after finding out it’s not a snow day

Kids can be so cruel.

Mar 2, 2020, 9:20 am*

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Miles Klee

Back in my day, you knew the schools weren’t closed for snow if you never got a call saying so. There was nobody but your parents to complain to when the thing didn’t swing your way, and they pretty much ignored your whining. But when the kids of New York woke up this morning to find their city coated with a dangerous, icy slush, they were positive it meant canceled classes—and livid when they heard otherwise from the @NYCSchools Twitter account.

As if the withholding of a snow day wasn’t bad enough, the Department of Education also made the decision to cancel all field trips. Regular algebra instead of a planetarium visit? Devastating.

The vitriolic replies were also remarkably swift and exacting.

There were, additionally, a few harangues and litigious threats (and not just from kids, either).

Just hang tough till you get to college, people. They cancel classes for anything there.

H/T @mememolly | Photo by momentcaptured1/Flickr

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*First Published: Feb 5, 2014, 6:39 pm