The guys behind Nude Dude Candles are going au naturel for a good cause

Nude dudes makes candles

Nude Dudes Candles/YouTube

These Aussies are combining butts, wax, and charity to make the world’s best candle company.

Melbourne-based Nude Dudes Candles is shining a light on a new genre of natural candle-making.

Sure, the candles themselves are made of soy, but the candlemakers are also totally au naturel when prepping them.

They’re doing it naked. It’s all right there in the name.

Nude Dude Candles aren’t just a gimmick set to highlight their butts in aprons. The duo also partners with charities like Happy Kids Cambodia, a nonprofit dedicated to helping kids learn English.

They also recently raised money for Swags for Homeless, a charity that helps get backpack beds to homeless people in their local community.

That’s right, these aren’t just two pretty butts playing with hot wax, they’re two pretty butts on a mission. Keep up the good word, Nude Dudes.

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