There’s nothing fishy about this sale at all.

Looking to freak out your friends, enemies, and governments? Have we got a deal for you! 

For one day only, domains on NSA.org will be open so that you can snag that uber-paranoid address for your emails.

There’s a catch. (There’s always a catch.)

Read that closely. That’s .org, not .gov. And while the value of an NSA.gov address is incalculable; it’ll cost you $139 per year (and rising) to get an NSA.org email address.

You’ll also have to arrange your username and password with this cf21 stranger “in the method you deem secure enough,” and the account comes with just 2 GB of storage.

The FAQ, designed to set troubled minds at ease, does something quite different.

“Who are you? Why should I give you money?”

cf21. Because you are vain.

“Uhm… why is the price rising?”

Each flash sale of user accounts will feature an increased price. Stop waiting. Be decisive.

“Is this site more secure than other internet hosted sites?”

Are you daft?

“Any way to get a list of sites hosted or users?”


Sure. Sounds legit.

Art by Fernando Alfonso III

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