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Senator turns North Carolina governor into Crying Jordan after NBA pulls All-Star Game

TFW your governor is awful.


April Siese

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The state of North Carolina is none too happy that the NBA decided to pull the 2017 All-Star Game. Citing anti-LGBT legislation, the game has moved from Charlotte to a presumably more inclusive location that has yet to be announced.

An email leaked to the Charlotte Observer shows the ire some North Carolinians are feeling by way of Hornets minority owner Felix Sabates. The correspondence shows Sabates going off in support of HB2, known colloquially as the transgender bathroom law. Regarding trans people having to take a piss, Sabates reportedly had this to say:

this is plain wrong, this could cause irreparable damages to a children’s that don’t understand why they have to see what God did not mean for them to witness, we have some very confused business as well as political humans that frankly have made this a political issue rather then moral issues, SHAME ON THEM.

Not everyone in the Tar Heel State has such discriminatory opinions, however. Meet Sen. Jeff Jackson. He’s had enough of this shit.

As Jackson effectively illustrates via Crying Jordan, it’s not trans people that cost the state of North Carolina the lucrative NBA event, it’s transphobia. Jackson wasn’t done providing brilliant imagery to the American public after that fire tweet roasting Gov. Pat McCrory.

Burn. Here’s hoping the powers that be wise up before another all-star opportunity goes up in flames.

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