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Local Brisbane hero gives the most Aussie interview ever

‘I had nothing on but me jocks!’


Samantha Grasso

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Australia: A country where even the most lingo-laden accents get a laugh from other Aussies. So to other folks on the internet from around the world, recorded conversations with the Aussiest of Australians is pure gold.

Reddit sub r/videos is buzzing with what is being called the “Aussiest interview ever.” In the segment for Australia’s Today morning show, one of the reporters interviews a Brisbane man named Daniel McConnell after he chased down someone who crashed his car into a neighbor’s fish and chips restaurant. At the time, McConnell was in just his underwear.

Except, that’s not really how McConnell explains it, which is the best part.

“…I jumped outta’ bed, all I had was me undies on. I walked out the front and I seen the car smashed and I seen the bloke walkin’ back to the car, so I said, ‘What are you doin’, mate? Like, you can’t be leavin’ the scene.’ And he goes, ‘Don’t be a hero, mate!’…And he just decided to scoot up the road and I just said, ‘Nah, it’s not goin’ on like that, mate.’”

There may be a lack of kangaroos and koalas in the frame, but this mate is killing it.

Naturally, Reddit is having a ball with this local hero’s story, poking fun at the Australian vernacular, and even bringing up a few other contenders for the award of “Most Australian Interview Ever.”

Someone has even already taken McConnell’s original video and cut it down to the bare bone “mate”s. 

Auss-enticity aside, McConnell’s mission is one of true friendship and community. Even nearly naked, he managed to lead the cops to the man who destroyed his friend’s shop.

“It’s just something you’ve got to do for the community,” McConnell said. “You look after your mates and your mates will look after you.”

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