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This Hyllus diardi spider wants you to deal with it.

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Not only is the Hyllus diardi spider capable of jumping more than two feet in the air, it can also melt the coldest hearts.  

That was the case Sunday when Reddit user jdk posted a GIF of one of these furry arachnids “putting on her game face.” 

The GIF was created using a YouTube video of the 18 mm spider from August 2012. Unlike the video, the GIF was a huge success, collecting more than 250 comments and the following GIF remix. The animation was created by user baron_von_d and was inspired by the Deal With It meme

“That spider looks like a fucking badass,” willosonthespot commented. “I bet if it saw i bunch of bugs attacking us they would be taken down in a matter of seconds.”

GIF by baron_von_d | Photo by DChai21/Flickr

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