Hold on for deer life.

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They’re a small-town problem and a big-time bother.

They come from broken homes. Viable models for male behaviour have been scarce. They tear up suburban gardens. They chew suburban hedges. They’re bad seeds.

Aggressive deer.

They shot Mommy. Daddy simply faded away. It’s a story all too common in the inner cities, and in light of this, it’s no wonder Bambi, prince of the forest, may have gone a bit wrong.

His parents having vanished, Bambi has turned into a Rambo-style avenger, taking out humans left and right. Oh, you’d like to think that’s only in the video games like Deer Avenger (an ungulate response to Deer Hunter) that the normally placid deer would consider anything flamboyant, but then, one simply never knows with the children of the underclass.

Redditor laserunicorns took it upon himself to draw attention to this societal struggle.

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