Monster truck front flip at the Monster Jam World Finals

Screengrab via monsterjamCod0329/YouTube

Monster truck pulls off impossible front-flip at Monster Jam

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!


Austin Powell

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, at the Monster Jam World Finals 18 in Las Vegas, there was carnage and destruction, madness and despair, and one of the most epic monster truck tricks you’ve ever seen.

In the freestyle event, the Mad Scientist Lee O’Donnell somehow pulled off a front-flip, and the entire crowd lost its collective shit. Skip straight to the two-minute mark. Even if you’re the type who would rather binge Netflix than be at a monster truck rally, the video will leave you wanting to crush a Natural Light.

Here’s another angle:

His botched flip at the end? It came after time expired and, according to the experts on Reddit, is the monster-truck equivalent of dropping a mic. He earned it.

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