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‘The secondhand embarrassment I feel for that man’: MMA fighter shares video of himself supposedly turning down Hooters waitress—she sets the record straight

'Shorty gave me her number.'


Stacy Fernandez

Internet Culture

Posted on Oct 25, 2021   Updated on Oct 25, 2021, 10:04 am CDT

A Hooters waitress went on TikTok to set the record straight after an MMA fighter shared a video of himself supposedly turning her down.

“When men try to get clout by saying they curved you but you were really just doing ur job,” read the caption of the viral video.

The TikTok by @abbyyskelly , which has more than a million views, shows a screen recording of fighter Kareem Kobe Kline’s Instagram video and its accompanying comments section.


In the video, waitress Skelly appears to tap Kline on the shoulder with a small rectangular piece of paper as he’s walking away. When he turns around, she smiles brightly and hands him the piece of paper, which he takes.

“I’m here for business. Shorty gave me her number, but I’m a #manonamission,” Kline captioned his Instagram video.

Skelly, who is green-screened over the Kline’s video points to the comment she left giving her side of the encounter: “Ur cute but it was a hooters coupon.”

Throughout the TikTok, Skelly is singing along, “Dang, lil mama, you is such a loser,” a verse from Nicki Minaj’s song “Grindin Freestyle.”

In the original video—which is still up on the fighter’s page—Kline appears to have been finishing up an MMA photo op with a competitor. He also updated his caption to address the situation with Skelly.

“Welcome TikTokers … Y’all so pathetic, you took time out of your day, to look me up, and comment on my profile, get a life,” Kline wrote.

He told the Daily Dot that the only reason the video got traction is because he’s shirtless on the cover image.

“Let this girl get her 10 seconds of feeling important. I’m a professional fighter, she works at hooters,” Kline told the Daily Dot. “Also when did I say I curved her? I said I was there for business lol.”

Skelly clarified to the people of TikTok accusing her of being flirty that just because she smiles at someone, it doesn’t mean she’s expressing interest. “I just enjoy my job and interacting with my customers,” she said in her own comments section.

The replies to the TikTok are highly supportive of Skelly and also dig at the MMA fighter.

“The secondhand embarrasment I feel for that man is OFF THE CHARTS LMFAOOOOOO,” commented Drew Afualo.

“I hope this humbled him lmao never heard of him,” wrote Eden Odom.

“You could see the STACK of coupons in her hand I —,” said @princesspollypockett.

Skelly did not respond to an immediate request for comment via TikTok comment and Instagram DM.

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*First Published: Oct 25, 2021, 8:16 am CDT