Sick of guys complaining about the ‘friendzone’? You need Hello M’Lady

For every stereotypical Manic Pixie Dream Girl, there exists an equal and opposite M’lady Man. What is a M’lady Man? He’s a fragile, anemic creature raised on a melancholy diet of brokenhearted warblers like the Shins and Dashboard Confessional. He can be easily characterized by the contempt he carries for women who, he feels, have maligned him and his Genius Bar glasses.

From time to time, these men are brought to public light from their perch on Hacker News comment threads, whining about the friendzone, “female privilege,” and their right to take creepy photos of unsuspecting women.

First, M’lady Men were shamed on the Tumblr Nice Guys of OKCupid. Now they can blame the brilliance of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer.

Sadly, Hello M’lady is an app women can only dream of—for now. Until someone makes an app to help “manage those clingy, fragile guys who think that they’re dating you,” you’ll have to fend for yourself.

H/T Betabeat | Screengrab via Comedy Central/YouTube

Greg Seals

Greg Seals

Greg Seals is a former social media producer and contributing writer for the Daily Dot. He specializes in creating and covering viral content on platforms that include Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.