YouTube’s favorite stunt comedian looks tiny next to the 7-foot actor.

The stares from people who saw it in person are enough to make this weirdo situation worth it.

Comedian and YouTuber Mark Malkoff made his dream come true by getting carried around New York City in a baby papoose by 30 Rock’s Grizz Chapman. Mark is 5’7” and 130 lbs. Grizz is a beast of a man, standing 7’0”. Strapped to Chapman’s chest, Malkoff looks like an oversized, bespectacled baby. It is truly a sight—and from the people gaping, snapping photos on their phones, and laughing, it was just that.

Malkoff regularly makes videos for My Damn Channel where he completes challenges, and so this video is called “The Carried Like A Baby Challenge.” When they pass an actual dad carrying a tiny baby on his chest, the contrast is astonishingly hilarious. Chapman also stands on the yellow line above the subway tracks with Malkoff perilously close to dangling over the tracks. 

Malkoff has snack time and nap time while strapped to Chapman’s chest. He even goes on a date with his tall wife, proclaiming, “I’m finally taller than my wife!”

It’s an idea that could only come from the mind of a madman like Malkoff.

Photo via YouTube

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