The fake teen doctor once arrested for impersonating a real doctor is arrested again


Internet legend ‘fake teen doctor’ arrested for fraud yet again

The once-viral Dr. Love is up to his old tricks and is posing as a doctor again.


Libby Cohen

Internet Culture

Posted on Jan 1, 2021

Malachi Love-Robinson, the famous “Dr. Love,” was arrested on Thursday for posing as doctor… again.

Love-Robinson, now 23 years old, became quite the meme when he was first arrested for illegally practicing medicine as a teenager. Apparently, he’s still up to the same schemes that made him internet famous in the first place.

Love-Robinson was most recently arrested for fraud and grand theft. According to WPTV, he’s allegedly had clients pay him directly instead of his company, pocketing thousands of dollars in the process.

The local NBC station first posted the arrest on Twitter.

“Fake teen doctor arrested for fraud again in Palm Beach County,” WPTV posted.

Love-Robinson was first arrested in 2018 for similar charges, as well as practicing medicine without a license. He was only 18 years old when he was charged with stealing $20,000 from a patient in 2015.

Back then, a photo of him posing as a doctor made its rounds on the internet.

Because his charges gained him Twitter notoriety years ago, people are freaking out that it happened again.

“JLo works hard but this guy works harder!!!” one account tweeted.

“Have mercy,” someone else posted.

“woo back baby,” another account posted.

“HOW OLD IS HE???? he’s been a fake teen doctor for a million years???” one person said.

“He’s dedicated to his fake craft!,” someone else tweeted.

“How did they not know? Somebody just send this dude to school so he doesn’t have to fake no more,” one person added.

Some people are saying he started off the new year just right.

“Starting 2021 off right, I see,” someone tweeted.

“2021 getting us back to normal. Bet,” another person posted.

At the time of this article’s publication, no details regarding Love-Robinson’s arrest have been released other than his charges.


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*First Published: Jan 1, 2021, 10:37 am CST