cameron james pettit arrested for mac miller death


Woman shocked to discover she hung out with the man charged in Mac Miller’s death

She made the video for her friends to prove Pettit wasn’t a ‘murderer’.


Dominic-Madori Davis

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Twitter user @HaileyLaRaex posted about an ironic encounter she had with the man currently charged in connection with the death of rapper Mac Miller.

LaRaex posted a video of their brief interaction, where she and the man, Cameron James Pettit, are both sitting in the front seat of a car. She gives a peace sign to the camera, while he gives a simple head nod. LaRaex said this was the first time they were meeting. She originally made the video to send as evidence to a friend, in order to prove that the Pettit wasn’t a “catfish” or a “murderer.”

“I made this video to send to my friends to prove a guy I was meeting for the first time in LA wasn’t a catfish and trying to kill me . This is the only footage I have of the interaction. This is the guy who literally killed Mac Miller. And this is me..saying “he’s not a murderer,” she captioned the video.

She made more postings, further explaining the video.

“I want to make a point really quickly that the whole purpose of me tweeting this video is to show the irony. How you may think you know someone and can be completely wrong. Be more safe with yourself. No I didn’t hook up with him no I wasn’t dating him. He was just a friend,” she said.

“I had no idea this was going to blow up. I posted this to my few followers and friends to see because hello?? That’s not only scary but just weird! I had no idea he was selling,” she wrote.” I also had no idea how much that single sentence would make my stomach sink a few months later.”

Miller died of a drug overdose nearly a year ago.

On Wednesday, a 42-page federal criminal complaint was unsealed, in which the Central District of California alleges Pettit gave Miller counterfeit Oxycodone pills laced with fentanyl. Miller had apparently only asked for the painkiller Percocet, which does contain Oxycodone.

He later died after overdosing on cocaine, fentanyl, and alcohol.

However, some people on Twitter were less convinced of Pettit’s involvement, and they tried to argue with LaRaex over branding him a “murderer.”

“Mac Miller actually killed himself by doing drugs. You can lead a horse to water but can’t force it to drink,” said @jedimaster257.

“Honestly he didn’t force mac to buy the drugs. Yes, it’s despicable that he was selling these drugs but Mac had a drug problem and took so many drugs that night. It’s sad asf and is an example of the drug crisis going on,” said @jonathanamarib1.

“I can almost guarantee Mac knew there was Fent in them…The regular Perks probably weren’t doing the job anymore and he knowingly bought them,” said another user.

LaRaex hit back at those users.

“I’m not [even] going to argue with you bitches who are like hE dIdNt KiLl mAc. YOU CLEARLY didn’t even bother to read the article I attached. Mac asked for and wanted one thing. That’s what he expected. He received poison and he knowingly sold him this. Mac planned on waking up,” she said.

Per a DEA statement, Miller is believed to have died after snorting those deceptive painkillers.

“Fentanyl disguised as a genuine pharmaceutical is a killer,” said U.S. Attorney Nick Hanna, “which is being proven every day in America. Drugs laced with cheap and potent fentanyl are increasingly common, and we owe it to the victims and their families to aggressively target the drug dealers that cause these overdose deaths.”

If convicted, Pettit faces 20 years in federal prison.


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