Louisville spring game

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Watch how a Louisville football game was recreated when a TV broadcast had no video

This is brilliantly done.


Chris Tognotti

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What’s a newscaster to do when there’s a football game to recap, but no footage to show the fans? That’s a problem that a pair of CBS Louisville anchors, Natalie Grise and Dan Koob, faced while breaking down the results of Saturday’s University of Louisville football team’s annual spring game, an intramural scrimmage that coaches prohibited anyone from recording.

Football teams are legendarily protective of their secrets—after all, what good are new game plans or new plays if anybody can watch?

But the WLKY duo had a creative solution: the time-tested artist’s rendering. Except the pictures were a little low-fidelity, to say the least. That stick-figure with No. 8 on its chest looks like it has a hell of an arm, for what that’s worth, leading the Louisville Red team to a 52-7 victory over the White team.

It was meant to be an image of Louisville’s Heisman trophy-winning quarterback, Lamar Jackson, slinging a touchdown pass to wide receiver Dez Fitzpatrick, although the facial work was a little hard to decipher.

In all seriousness, this was a hilarious and creative way to get around Louisville’s prohibition on video recording of the game. And it was an absolutely phenomenal opportunity for a young creative out there to get a little exposure, too. As both Koob and Grise noted, “whoever drew this is quite the artist.”

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