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Here’s why everyone is talking about ‘Little Witch Nobeta’

Gamers are rushing to add this surprising little shooter to their libraries.


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Many people have had a bit more time to dedicate to gaming in 2020, thanks to COVID-19. That’s assisted some games that typically miss mainstream attention in getting noticed. Little Witch Nobeta, an anime-esque, 3D-action-shooting game, may likewise have the pandemic to thank for its recent popularity, but that doesn’t make it any less worthy of a playthrough.

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This cutesy dungeon crawler is more than meets the eye.

Some gamers may balk at the main character’s kawaii eyes and Magical Girl appeal, but Little Witch Nobeta offers a deeper experience than appearances may indicate. Now that it’s in early access on Steam, gamers are rushing to add this surprising little shooter to their libraries.

What is Little Witch Nobeta?

Users have praised Little Witch Nobeta for its Dark Souls-like mechanics, charming character designs, and streamlined user interface. It’s anime appeal offsets challenging battles and complex encounters. Enemy weaknesses can be learned and manipulated in-battle to gain careful superiority.

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A 3D-action shooter, Little Witch Nobeta boasts a variety of features, even in its current early stages. The plot cutscenes are complete, according to developers, and a variety of combat options are already available. Players can choose to fight their foes physically, or vie for magical superiority using four magical types: Arcane, Ice, Fire, or Thunder.

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Simple puzzles are scattered throughout the game but tend to be overshadowed by the intriguing and complete-feeling combat. Reviewers have praised the boss fights as tightly designed, well-choreographed, and splendidly balanced.

Early Access

Little Witch Nobeta is currently in early access on Steam. That means that Steam users can purchase the game for the listed $9.99, but it is still a work in progress. The continued income, as players buy up copies, gives devs an income to work off of as they continue development. Little Witch Nobeta has been in early access for nearly three years and is expected to stay in early access for at least two more.

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There are good sides and bad sides to early access. You can purchase a game that may someday cost up to $80 at a massive reduction in cost, but you’re not getting a complete game. And you may never see a complete version. Early access games are not a sure thing. Sometimes developers are forced to give up on them due to lack of funding, other projects, or a variety of other issues.

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Depending on the price, I would argue that most early access games are still worth it. Watching a game develop into something great is a delight, and developers tend to be very open at this point in the process. This allows players to genuinely impact the ultimate product and typically leads to games that are custom-tailored to what gamers want. The reviews for Little Witch Nobeta are overwhelmingly positive, despite its long development, which indicates that it is well worth the cost.


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