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‘Right now, I’m eating just pizza crust’: Customer receives Lil Caesar’s pizza without any cheese or sauce

'There’s NO way they didn’t do this on purpose.'


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Posted on Jan 3, 2023   Updated on Jan 3, 2023, 2:53 pm CST

Sometimes folks can go a little overboard when it comes to ordering food online, resulting in either large orders or some truly monstrous creations most people wouldn’t have the gumption to order in person.

And then there are times the restaurant is at fault for the strange meal a customer receives, which is what musician/TikToker/YouTuber Noah Davis (@noahdavis) said happened when Little Caesar’s gave them a pizza without sauce or cheese.

Noah says in the clip, “Right now, I’m eating just pizza crust. Why, you ask? Let me show you.”

The TikToker turns their camera around to show what they received from Little Caesar’s. In the box, there are pieces of toasted bread and pepperoni slices scattered around the cardboard container. They continue, “I ordered this pizza from Little Caesar’s, and they forgot to put sauce and cheese on it. So it’s just pepperonis and bread, so, bone apple teeth, bitch.”

Noah’s post almost feels like a homage to an early internet meme: none pizza with left beef. Using Domino’s Pizza’s online ordering customization tool, Steven, owner of The Sneeze blog, ordered a pie with nothing on it except for beef on the left side, which turned into a longstanding internet joke and a collection of images featuring some of the least appetizing pizzas on the web.

Little Caesar’s online ordering application does allow users to dictate which sides of the pizza receives which toppings, along with “regular” and “extra” amounts. There are 15 different toppings choices, including two different types of cheese. The “more options” menu choice must be selected for customers to select whether or not they would like “light sauce,” “normal sauce,” “extra sauce,” or “no sauce.” This means that both a standard serving of cheese and a standard serving of sauce are selected by default, even when creating your own pie on the online ordering application.

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Little Caesar’s

The Daily Dot has reached out to Noah via Instagram direct message and Little Caesar’s via email.

TikTokers who saw Noah’s post expressed that the pizza’s construction felt intentional: “There’s no way this was a mistake lol,” @dramitokii wrote. @sawftbawl echoed that statement, writing, “There’s NO way they didn’t do this on purpose.”

Others, like @geilann couldn’t believe that a restaurant would “forget the MAIN INGREDIENTS.”

Recently, another pizza fail went viral on TikTok, when a customer purchased a frozen Jack’s Pizza and noticed the cardboard slab the pizza comes packaged with was actually sandwiched between the crust along with the sauce and toppings.

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*First Published: Jan 3, 2023, 2:52 pm CST