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This brilliant woman made a lipstick robot

Nailed it.


Hannah Withers

Internet Culture

Ladies. We all know how hard it is to be a woman in today’s world. We have to look great, act bold, dress well, talk smart, and kick ass. Unless you’re in a Sandra Bullock rom-com, in which case you can usually have frizzy hair and wear bulky shoes at the beginning, but by the end you still have to do all those other things. It’s enough to make a girl shout “For the love of Betty Friedan!” and promptly give up forever.

YouTuber Simone Giertz, a self-described “expert in shitty robots” has made Leaning In a whole lot easier. She demonstrates her new invention in the video below, which could save women whole minutes out of their days, not to mention the plebeian shame of doing one’s own lipstick with one’s own hands.

While commenter “Karaoke Vic” had some advice (“Clearly you need some programming help :)  That arm is all over the place!”), I see only pure potential with this remarkable invention. Giertz has this to add: “I’m good at plenty of things, but putting on makeup is not one of them. I thought a robot might be able to do a better job and it probably did. Just needs some tweaking. 7/10 stars.”

This is the day our foremothers dreamed of, ladies! Let us, in the name of feminism everywhere, get stabbed in the face by a robot and step, makeup-streaked, into the sun.

Screengrab via Simone Giertz/YouTube 

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