La Croix cassette tape

Photo via Jazmin Gonzalez/ Remix by Jason Reed

‘When you’re sipping on La Croix, you know it brings you joy.’

The La Croix craze is real, and it’s not going anywhere—so if you’re not on the bandwagon, hop on.

Some of us are so very passionate about the sparkling water that we stock our fridges, wear the gear and boast about it on social media whenever we get the chance. But that’s just me.

Others of us are so damn into La Croix that they produce an actual rap video on YouTube in its honor. That would be this guy, Rakeem. Join us on “a journey of carbonated water.” 

Finally, and most importantly, let’s all just pour some La Croix out in honor of these brows made from La Croix boxes.


So fire you’re gonna need an extra La Croix to cool off.

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