This Korean guy should teach everyone how to swear in English

When you go to a new country, what are the most important words to learn?

You’ll want to ask where the bathroom is, how much something costs, and how to call someone a fucking asshole. Of course.

In South Korea, learning English curse words is an important part of communicating with Westerners—and it should be. We curse so much that words are an essential part of the language. Asshole.

Here, a teacher goes through what has to be the most brilliant english lesson of all time. The video’s been around for a while, but just recently saw a few hundred thousand news views thanks to Reddit.

Repeat after me, you son of a beach: Fuck!

Also, a note to the English-speaking world: Everyone else finds it really childish when we call each other buttholes, so maybe we need to grow up a little. This guy says that even Korean children wouldn’t use buttholes as a curse.

On second thought, no, nevermind, let’s stay exactly how we are.

Screengrab via YouTube

Patrick Howell O'Neill

Patrick Howell O'Neill

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