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Knee-length jorts are getting mocked online, but they’re on trend this summer

The look has been the source of jokes, but models and influencers are wearing knee-length jorts this summer.


Audra Schroeder

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A lot of questionable fashion combos have been swirling around this summer, and one in particular seems to be confusing people, though anyone conscious in the late ’90s and early 2000s has some familiarity with it.

The look is a pair of baggy jean shorts that sit right at the knee, paired with black and white Adidas, and it’s been spotted in New York City, though it feels like it originated in the Midwest and South. And while some people on Twitter acted like this outfit was a jailable offense, over on Instagram, there was a more wide-ranging discussion about who wears this look.

a person wearing jean shorts and black adidas

A post from the meme account @patiasfantasyworld joked that “They’re putting a microchip in the elf bars in Manhattan that makes anyone under 28 wear this outfit every day.” The comments called the look the “bisexual binky” and claimed “this fit comes with 2 situationships, an espresso martini addiction & a ‘1,500 followers/500 following’ ratio.”

a person wearing jean shorts and adidas

However, this look isn’t that controversial or new; jorts are accessible and the trend is cyclical. But this summer, more models and influencers have been spotted wearing “knee-grazing jorts,” which made them more popular on TikTok, and they’ve been featured on runways.

@nujoobaroo hot girl jorts summer #ootd #fitcheck #fitspo #jorts #stylingjorts #summerfits ♬ I Know (PR1SVX Edit) – Kanii

If Emily Ratajkowski can make jorts work, anyone can, right?

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