kim jong un waving a flag at rio

Screencap via moistener / Reddit Remix by Max Fleishman


At the Olympics, the athletes are vying for medals, but others are just craving attention.

Thursday night none other than North Korea leader Kim Jong-un was apparently spotted in the crowd, proudly waving a flag for the country he’s a dictator of and giving a big ol’ smile. He was sporting his usual slicked-back hair and dark clothes.

Turns out it was an impersonator, who undoubtedly wanted to turn some heads at the Games. He definitely got his wish with that camera pan.

Oh, and of course, he also got some sweet Instagram #content out of the whole event.

This guy was probably just trying to joke around and maybe achieve some virality. But something just feels a little tacky about dressing up as one of the world’s most infamous dictators. You know, the one who has sent athletes to the Olympics but only under strict orders of the government. It’s not like the country has officials defecting or anything

But at least the guy got his 15 seconds of Instagram fame. 

H/T Mirror 

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