The killer clown prank is back—and scarier than ever

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killer clown returns

If he’s this bad, imagine the circus he came from.

Last month we introduced you to the Internet’s scariest prank, in which pedestrians ran afoul of a terrifying, murderous clown. Well, the carnivalesque creep is back in a sequel from DM Pranks, and he’s using every tool at his disposal—from unsettling music boxes to (bladeless) chainsaws—to make his victims think they’ve landed in a real-life horror flick.

The hardest part of shooting these must be sprinting after people to tell them it’s all a joke.

No comment as yet from clown special interest groups, who have been fighting this “maniacally laughing psycho” stereotype for decades. Remember: If you do happen to encounter a clown, there’s only a 50-50 chance it wants to dismember and eat you.  

Photo via DmPranksProductions/YouTube

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