Ke$ha would love it if you could mail her your teeth

Hey, did you guys know Ke$ha was in rehab? Yeah, neither did I. But she’s using her time in treatment as an opportunity to grow, reflect, and ask fans to send her human teeth for an art project. 

According to the Houston Chronicle, the singer checked into the eating disorder treatment clinic Timberline Knolls earlier this month. Because she doesn’t have access to Twitter in rehab, a friend has periodically been sending out tweets to her fans, thanking them for their support while she’s in recovery:

Yesterday, Ke$ha’s friend thanked her followers for their well wishes, along with the following request:

Surprisingly (well, they’re Ke$ha fans, so maybe not that surprisingly), most of her followers seemed totally nonplussed by the bizarre request:

While this is not the first time Ke$ha has solicited materials for her tooth art (back in 2011, she asked fans to contribute teeth to a necklace she was making), this time it seems there might be a kink in her plans: TMZ reports that the rehab center will not “accept human remains” from fans, because “there is always a risk that it could be of biohazardous material.” Killjoys.

So get well soon, Ke$ha, so you can get out of rehab and make the tooth necklace of your dreams (we’re using the tooth necklace as a metaphor for a full recovery in this context). And so you can leak the studio version of “Machine Gun Love,” as per @JohanDGAF’s request.

H/T Houston Chronicle | Photo: Hyundai Card Web/Flickr

EJ Dickson

EJ Dickson

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