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Daring, dancing Kentucky fan drops a girl while trying to showboat

Luckily, nobody appeared to be hurt.


Josh Katzowitz

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Kentucky beat Georgia 82-48 on Tuesday night in Lexington, but the Bulldogs weren’t the only ones to leave Rupp Arena completely humiliated. This guy didn’t have a great night either (neither, for that matter, did the girl he was attempting to carry).

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This is Darren Moscoe, also known as the Boogie Man, and he’s a Wildcats fan who suffers from epilepsy and likes to dance to “Mony, Mony” during TV timeouts at Kentucky basketball games.

Who knows why Moscoe thought it’d be a good idea to scoop up the girl, who he might or might not have known, and tried to slide down the hand-rail with her in his arms (though reportedly, using the hand-rail as his vehicle of transportation when he shows off his dad dancing has become his signature move).

Luckily, the girl popped up from the stairs and seemed to be OK following the crash-landing. And this Twitter account that’s apparently Moscoe has apologized for the failed stunt.

Two pieces of advice for anybody who tries to follow in Moscoe’s footsteps in the future: 1) Don’t try to pick up people and slide down concrete stairs in front of 20,000 people (unless you’re a circus performer, I guess); and 2) make sure you’re always in a safe place when listening to Billy Idol.

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