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This bizarre webseries of a man eating carrots is our new favorite

Jon Harchick has consumed 318 bags of carrots and counting.


Joey Keeton

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In an era of potato salad and Darren Wilson Kickstarters netting small fortunes, it’s always refreshing to see something frivolous and inane being done on the internet for no apparent reason—or financial gain—whatsoever, and especially when that something is incredibly time-consuming. Enter Jonathan Harchick, who is currently on video No. 318 of him eating a bag of carrots.

Filmed through what appears to be a peephole in a horror film, Jon Eats Carrots is a webseries that chronicles a silent Harchick as he eats carrots while listening to various podcasts or songs on repeat, such as Taylor Swift’s “Mean” and Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life.” Each episode starts with a fresh bag of carrots (baby carrots, most of the time), and he’s usually finished with them after 20-30 minutes. My personal favorite episode is his 287th, a whopping 50 minutes in which he switches things up and plays the entirety of Andrew W.K.’s “I Get Wet” while eating full-sized carrots. 

This sort of thing isn’t a new undertaking for Harchick; in 2011, he gained national attention with a 77-hour YouTube series in which he counted to 100,000, a feat which landed him an interview on MSNBC, a mention on The Today Show (for being the longest video on YouTube), and even a chat with the Daily Dot. He told MSNBC:

At the beginning it was kind of, like, peaceful and actually kind of, like, relaxing to do it. And near the end it just became, like, torture. I actually started having nightmares with me sitting there, counting.

Harchick also has an off-again-on-again series in which he drinks a 20-ounce bottle of water, appropriately titled Jon Drinks Water, that’s currently on episode No. 2081. It’s probably safe to say that he’s YouTube’s version of Andy Warhol, which appears to be a vastly different experience than being the real-world Andy Warhol. For starters: no Velvet Underground. 

For Harchick’s sake, here’s to hoping that carrots and bottled water are less nightmare-inducing than counting to 100,000.

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