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Rapper boots “hoe” from show for bored tweets

Haters gonna hate. Joe Budden gonna eradicate.


Chase Hoffberger

Internet Culture

Posted on Nov 29, 2012   Updated on Jun 2, 2021, 6:26 am CDT

One of the biggest Joe Budden haters on the planet got thrown out of his concert last night at the New Parish in Oakland, Calif., for live-tweeting her displeasure. And the ejection came at the hands of Joe Budden himself, the New Jersey rapper famous for a slew of mid-2000s mixtapes and a spot on the Slaughterhouse squad.

The fracas started in earnest when the hater, a Bay Area native identified on Twitter as Paige S., posted a snarky comment to her @_Yellow_Paiges_ timeline that insinuated her boredom over the prospect of having to spend her Wednesday evening in attendance of the rapper’s performance.

A few of her friends fought back, arguing with her about his appeal and telling her that they’d revoke her tickets if she “[kept] this up.

Alas, she had the tickets and her boyfriend Kevin, known on Twitter as @NoCar_Kevin, probably needed Paige to give him a ride.

She was morally obligated to attend Wednesday’s Joe Budden show, no matter how little the rapper resembled Keyshia Cole or the other rap and R&B artists that Paige S. so enthusiastically enjoys.

After breaking briefly to tweet about “Pump It Up,” her favorite Joe Budden song, Paige S. arrived onsite and immediately rekindled her hatred for the rapper and his tactics.

“I wish this picture really captured how dead it is in here at this joe budden concert,” she tweeted alongside a blurry, poorly lit picture of a handful of concertgoers. “It’s cool at least it’ll be chill.”

When a friend tapped her timeline to ask why there weren’t any fans in attendance, Paige S. turned to Nielsen.

“Record sales always show, no?” she asked. Her friend never got back. Point taken, Paige S.

Paige S. started moving around the venue as Budden’s set drew near, heading to the bathroom and upstairs onto the balcony before taking 10 minutes to lay off her Twitter.

When she returned, she did so to announce that Joe Budden had kicked her out.

“Swag,” she wrote. “By Joe Budden, though.”

The way she tells it, Paige S. was brought to exile over the No Doz comment she’d made earlier in the day.

“It is what is,” she reasoned. “He said he wasn’t going to go on until I left.”

Unfazed, Paige S. headed for home and, once there, tuned into the most recent episode of American Horror Story.

Was she upset? Only for @NoCar_Kevin, she quickly proclaimed. Right now, Paige S. is just looking at the bright side: The tickets were only $30, Joe Budden’s already left town, and she just got invited back to the venue to see Too $hort.

As for Budden, he seems to have no reservations about the transgression last night.

“I wish I could rewind life so I could kick that hoe out again lol,” he tweeted Thursday afternoon.

Haters gonna hate. Joe Budden gonna eradicate.

Photo via @JoeBudden/Twitter

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*First Published: Nov 29, 2012, 6:23 pm CST