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Jared Kushner accidentally registered to vote as a woman



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Posted on Sep 27, 2017   Updated on May 22, 2021, 4:04 pm CDT

Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and one of his most-valued advisers, is registered to vote as a woman in New York, according to a Wired report.

Kushner—who reportedly has been using a personal email account for government business and who is under investigation for possibly colluding with Russia—is registered with the New York State Board of Elections, and according to its records, Kushner marked his gender as female.

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Image via Wired

Assuming Kushner voted in the 2016 election, then he would have voted as a woman.

It’s most likely a simple mistake, where Kushner would have checked “female” instead of “male” when he turned in his registration form on Nov. 29, 2009. Or a mistake could have happened when it was processed.

New York registration form
Image via Wired

This, however, isn’t the first time Kushner has had a tough time with paperwork. When he originally turned in a government questionnaire to gain a top-security clearance, he omitted the dozens of meetings he took with foreign leaders. Kushner said it was a mistake, and he resubmitted the paperwork at least twice more.

“Kushner can’t even fill out the most basic paperwork without screwing it up, so it’s a mystery why anyone thinks he’s somehow going to bring peace to the Middle East,” Brad Bainum, a spokesperson for the liberal opposition research group American Bridge, told Wired. “Would anyone but the president’s son-in-law still have a West Wing job after repeated disclosure errors and a botched a security clearance form?”

Not surprisingly, Twitter delighted in Kushner’s newest mistake.


Even worse for Kushner: He became the focus of the #jaredsdragname hashtag.

Meanwhile, the Donald Trump voter fraud committee continues unabated.

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*First Published: Sep 27, 2017, 1:08 pm CDT