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Jaden and Willow Smith: The Shakespearean interview

“Whip My Hair”: a great thing. Evolution. / When I look back on it, I think, “Wow.”


Cooper Fleishman

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Willow, Jaden, what have you been reading?



“The Ancient Secret of the Flow’r of Life”

And ancient texts, or things that cannot be

Pre-dated; and my sister, Willow, reads

Quantum physics. Osho. 

     THE TIMES: Curious. 



And time, you see, I make it change its course—

Slow or fast, it goes howe’er I please—

And that is how I know it exists not.


Time’s movement depends on your universe.


It’s relative to us and other places.

But on the lev’l of being here on Earth,

It’s proven—if you’re aware in a moment,

One second literally lasts a year.


And if you’re unaware, your childhood—

Your whole life—can pass by in several seconds.

But it is also such a thing that you

Can get completely lost in.

     WILLOW: Because living.



Exactly—it’s because you have to live.

There is a physicist inside our minds

And you can talk and talk, but it’s living.


It is the action of it.

     JADEN: P.C.H.


The melancholiness of the ocean;

The melancholy of everything else.


This is a fragment of a holographic

Reality made by a consciousness,


A higher being—

     JADEN: Sis, you make me laugh! 

That is one thing the whole world took away.

Another step of honesty unlocked.

They all can be more honest. So shall we.



I’m caring less about what you all think.

I’m caring less of what my own mind thinks.

Sometimes that is the thing that makes you sad.


Exactly. Your mind has duality.


When one thought goes deep into your mind,

It isn’t just one thought. It has to bounce

Off both hemispheres of your working brain.


O! When you think about an apple, red—

You also think about its opposite:

A tool for understanding mathematics

And things with two unique realities.


Creative spir’t comes from a place of oneness.

That’s not a duality consciousness.

And you cannot listen to your own mind—

It tells you what to think. 

     WILLOW: It’s dangerous.


“Whip My Hair”: a great thing. Evolution.

When I look back on it, I think, “Wow.”

I did so much for young black girls and girls

Around the world. Telling them not to be


Afraid to be themselves. It’s coming from

Source energy and universal truths. 

Out in the world so everyone can judge me—

It’s part of me. It’s my artistic journey.



And that’s another thing. “What is your job?

What’s your career?” I say this: Nah, I am.

I’m going to imprint my own whole self

On everything in this artistic world.


We try to make music we think is cool.

A lot of music out there isn’t cool.



That’s what I do with novels. There are no

Novels I like to read. I write my own.

And then I read them all over again.

It’s the best thing.

     JADEN: She was a bard at 6.



We figured out our voices sound like chocolate.

As good as chocolate tastes, it sounds that good.



Willow just dropped a song. Aye, let me quote:

“I do not care what people say.” Preach, Sis.

I like to wear things that I make, but I

Just throw it on. It does look cool, sometimes.



I’m like, “Yep, yep, I’m looking so sick!” But:

I put on clothes that I can climb trees in.



What is worth having? A canvas, paint, a mic—

Anything you shock somebody with.

To change a thing, my god, you have to shock it.

To change society, you have to shock them.



Breathing is meditation, as is life.

You have to breathe in order to survive.

Breathing is how you get in touch with it—

I mean the sacred space that is your heart. 



When babies are born, their soft spots bump.

It has, like, a heartbeat inside it.

That is because energy is coming

Through their body, sideways, up and down.



Prana energy.

     JADEN: Their stomachs breathe.

They remember. Always, babies remember.



On their stomachs, babes are so aware, 

Putting their ligaments and bones together.

But, alas, they’re shocked by this harsh world.



By chemicals and things, and then, slowly—


As they grow up, indeed, they start losing.


You know, they become just like you and me.



Let’s talk about the unlearning of things,

The hardest education. What is school?



School is not authentic, ’cause it ends.

The school we go to every single morning, 

We will continue. Learning never ends.


Forever, till the day we’re in our bed.



Normal kids are so teenager-y.

So angsty. You don’t learn a thing in school.

Think about all the car accidents.

Driver’s ed? What’s up? I haven’t been.



I went to school for exactly a year.

It was the best and worst experience.

“Oh, now I know why kids are so depressed,” 

I thought. Gods! But I too was depressed.



I want to do Olympic-level things.

I want to be the world’s most durable,

The most craziest person of all time—


Climb every single mountain we can climb.


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