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Astronauts filmed the inside of a water bubble with a GoPro

Water bubbles plus zero-gravity equals science porn.


Michelle Jaworski

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The astronauts aboard the International Space Station are having way too much fun in the name of science.

Under the guise of studying water surface tension in microgravity, ISS crew members Steve Swanson, Reid Wiseman, and Alexander Gerst have created a floating bubble of water (which we learned was possible in one of Commander Chris Hadfield’s videos) and inserted a GoPro camera inside of it. Once they made sure it wouldn’t float out, they did just what we would probably do in a similar situation: they stared in awe.

With the aid of other cameras, they not only showed us what it would be like to be in a water bubble, but they also showed us the outside view. While we know gravity works differently in space, seeing the difference in action is something else entirely.

NASA has been experimenting with 3D video for some time, with astronaut Don Pettit shooting a “floating” tour of the ISS back in 2012. If you have red-blue stereoscopic 3D vision glasses, you can view that GoPro video in another dimension.

Screengrab via NASA’s Marshall Center/YouTube

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