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6 forward-thinking internet insiders you should follow this Black History Month 

From marketers to influencers and entrepreneurs, here are six influential insiders that will help you take your content to the next level.


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If you want to flourish in social media, it’s important to realize audiences are not monolithic. There’s no one size fits all approach for viewers—especially in a world as hyper-focused as social media. Since the dawn of social media, Black creators have been at the forefront of this philosophy. From the earliest days of Myspace to the founding of Black Twitter and their continuing leadership in developing new trends on TikTok, Black creators have pioneered the world of social media. 

However, being influential in your content is just the beginning. Today we’re spotlighting six Black creators who aren’t just at the forefront of their success but who are making sure other people can flourish after them. From groundbreaking LinkedIn entrepreneurs to the queen of mommy-sphere social media, each of these creators is here to help.

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