Pete Davidson addresses online trolls and mental health.

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This week on the internet: Pete Davidson has been spotted—with this meme

Plus: The drama inside Crochet TikTok.


Tiffany Kelly

Internet Culture

Posted on Nov 5, 2021   Updated on Nov 10, 2021, 11:05 am CST

Welcome to the Friday edition of Internet Insider, where we dissect the week online. Today:

  • Why Pete Davidson is the subject of memes, again
  • How did ‘Island Boy’ become a meme?
  • Crochet TikTokers warn people against making potholders with acrylic yarn

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Pete Davidson is making headlines for his dating life

Over Halloween weekend, People released photos of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson holding hands on a ride at Knott’s Berry Farm in California. The photos immediately took over Twitter, sparking debate—again!—about the SNL cast member’s attraction. For those who have not been following Davidson’s love life, which is in the headlines pretty regularly, he has dated a lot of famous women, including Ariana Grande, Margaret Qualley, and Kate Beckinsale. He most recently dated Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor. And now he’s rumored to be cozying up to Kim Kardashian, another celebrity known for making headlines, who filed for divorce from Kanye West (now known as Ye) earlier this year. 

The photos ignited another round of Davidson discourse. People wondered if he was the new Warren Beatty. Davidson also became the subject of Photoshopped memes where people announced that he was “spotted” with a niche celebrities, from Mary Byrne to Ms. Juicy Baby (Shirlene Pearson) to a famous L.A. mannequin. Others joked that Davidson was getting back at Ye for having to pay for his meal at Nobu. “Pete Davidson’s native NYC” also became a meme, taken from a Page Six headline. “Which airport should I book a flight out of? JFK (John F. Kennedy Airport) or PDNNY (Pete Davidson’s Native New York)” reads one tweet

And now, if all that wasn’t enough, there’s a Pete Davidson-inspired sex toy that is covered in tattoos. It’s the literal embodiment of Big Dick Energy.

—Tiffany Kelly, culture editor

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How did ‘Island Boy’ become a meme?

Twin brothers from South Florida who go by Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd have the internet in their “Island Boy” grip. On Oct. 12, the 20-year-olds debuted a freestyle, “Island Boy,” performed in a pool; the TikTok has more than 8 million views.

As people veered between parodying the song and wondering why they couldn’t stop singing it, “Island Boy” became a meme.  

Read the full story here.

—Audra Schroeder, senior writer


Crochet TikTokers warn people against making potholders with acrylic yarn

Crochet TikTok has been up in arms over a crocheter who made a video showcasing a bunch of potholders made with acrylic yarn. For many knitters and crocheters, the choice of whether to use acrylic yarn or natural fibers for projects usually boils down to a number of factors like accessibility, cost, or personal preference. (Acrylic yarn is cheaper and more widely available.) 

But as many crochet TikTokers are pointing out this week, sometimes there are exceptions to that rule—and which yarn you make an item with could make the difference between safely handling hot items and getting burned with plastic.

Read the full story here.

—Michelle Jaworski, staff writer


Steve Buscemi won Halloween by dressing up as his own meme.

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*First Published: Nov 5, 2021, 3:10 pm CDT