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This is the worst thing you can do if your car is sliding on ice

This is a good illustration of what not to do.


Mike Fenn

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Winter is coming, which means it’s once again time for all sorts of ice-related car accidents.

This season’s first such offering comes to us from Paignton, England, where YouTube user VWTouranPoland inadvertently captures the worst possible thing you can do if your car hits a patch of ice and begins sliding out of control.

When you and your car are on the road, you are one entity. If necessary, your car will remind you of that fact by dragging you along on its icy path of destruction even after you have technically exited it.

VWTouranPoland’s video made it to Reddit, where r/videos subscribers shared their opinions on the driver’s brainless maneuver.

“It was a bad idea to attempt the drive. They’re not suddenly going to start having good ideas now, are they?” redditor thedrew said.

“Don’t lock the brakes, steer in the direction of travel, keep the wheels turning to maintain some semblance of traction and then try to steer gently into a hedge. Also, don’t jump out,” redditor REB73 said.

We’re not sure if this rule will apply to Google’s famous self-driving car.

Photo via Howard Kang/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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