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What this tiny hermit crab wearing a toothpaste cap says about us

This hermit crab loves toothpaste caps, so it decided to live in one.


Jaya Saxena

Internet Culture

Right now, in Cuba, there is a hermit crab living inside a toothpaste cap. 

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Or maybe it isn’t anymore (we’re not really solid on the lifespan or average shell-swapping rate of hermit crabs), but at least for a time, this hermit cab lived inside a toothpaste cap—long enough for someone to take a photo that wound up on Reddit.

It is just a hermit crab in a toothpaste cap—but in a way, it is so much more. The hermit crab represents so much that we couldn’t decide which thinkpiece to write on it, so we’ve compiled the potential headlines here.

What The Hermit Crab Living In A Toothpaste Cap Says About The Housing Shortage Crisis

Is This Hermit Crab Appropriating Human Culture?

What This Hermit Crab Can Teach Us About Dental Hygiene

Hermit Crab Proves That Littering Is Actually Good

The Hermit Crab’s Next Move And What That Says About Materialism and Disposability

Three’s A Trend! The Hottest Movement In Hermit Crabs

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And finally: Sorry Hermit Crab, But The Simpsons Did It First

The Simpsons/20th Century Fox

Photo via Kristopher Avila/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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