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The best items from the ‘Hannibal’ costume and prop auction

Want to get your hands on one of Hannibal Lecter’s suits? You’re in luck.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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It’s difficult to talk about Bryan Fuller‘s Hannibal without mentioning the costumes and opulent set design. Even the food is layered with visual symbolism.

Coupled with the show’s ability to attract a passionate fandom, this attention to detail makes Hannibal a great choice for costume and prop collectors. And thanks to the auction website Prop Store, props like Hannibal Lecter’s vinyl murder suit are now totally within your grasp.

Prop Store hosts TV and movie prop auctions all the time, but they’re usually geared toward more serious collectors. It’s only when something like Hannibal or Pacific Rim comes along that everyone else takes notice.

The auction is a mish-mash of items from the show’s first two seasons, ranging from Hannibal’s tableware to gory prosthetic props from murder scenes. Things like signed scripts and original concept art are pretty typical fare for collectors, but Hannibal fans may be more interested in narratively significant objects like Hannibal’s recipe cards or the fishing lure Hannibal used to frame Will Graham for murder.

Those recipe cards are totally practical, by the way. Who wouldn’t want to replicate Hannibal’s home cuisine? With real beef, obviously—as opposed to “beef.”

Unfortunately for Hannibal cosplayers, most of the costumes on the auction page belonged to characters like Abigail Hobbs and Alana Bloom, who basically just dress in normal outfits. The two really memorable items on offer (aside from Hannibal’s kill suit) are an apron (great for when you’re cooking using Hannibal’s recipe cards) and a brown three-piece suit worn by Mads Mikkelsen in the episode “Tome-Wan.”

For complete verisimilitude—and only if you’re lucky enough to have the same approximate proportions as Mikkelsen—you should pair this suit with the straitjacket Hannibal wore when he was strung up by Mason Verger. 

The auction closes on June 25, and most of the significant items like Hannibal’s drawings and costumes are already seeing bids in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. Things at the lower end of the price range are less appetizing: pieces of skin, bloody spikes, and evidence stickers. Great if you want to organize a very specific Halloween party this year, though!

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